California Womens ConferenceVoiceAmerica, the leading independent producer of professional internet and mobile based talk radio and television will be broadcasting live for two days from The California Women’s Conference in Long Beach, California.

Day One, Wednesday, May 10th includes a guest line up of Bill Xiang, Founder of RealHer, Taryn Aiken, Sharon Lechter, Dr. Laura Kelly, Lisa McCarthy, Alvin Law, Dan Tocchini, Shea Vaughn, Nicole Roberts Jones and more.

“We’re happy to be supporting The California Women’s Conference, it’s one of the highlight’s of our year and fits perfectly for VoiceAmerica’s Women’s Channel listenership,” commented Jeff Spenard, CEO of VoiceAmerica.

Interviewers include VoiceAmerica talk radio hosts and other luminaries Clarissa Burt, Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Catherine Calarco, Dr. Lisa Cooney, Bonnie Bonadeo, Linda Patten, Lori H. Schwartz and Shirley Dalton.

“One of the great things about this conference is the range of big stars, up and comers and just the energy that comes from the attendees. Everyone is there to learn and engage,” added Spenard.

Tune into to listen live. Archives of the interviews will be available after the event.

About The California Women’s Conference

Over the past 30 years, this annual 2-day event has changed the lives of more than 1 million women. Whether you are leading an organization, a business, a nonprofit, an international movement, or your own family — now YOU, too, can discover the life-changing strategies of some of the world’s leading women — from opinion leaders to industry executives to your favorite celebrities.

This one-of-a-kind event WILL sell out — it has every year — so don’t miss out!

A two-day event where some of the world’s top speakers, entertainers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders will inspire and empower YOU to make great change in the world.

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