The Conference caters to women professionals and is focused on technology and innovation thought leadership. Speakers for the “WWT” include Sr. Executives with Pandora, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, Yahoo! and over 40 other companies. VoiceAmerica will broadcast live the entire event via on Saturday, July 16th – 17th from 9 am PT – 5 pm PT.

Jeffrey Spenard, President of VoiceAmerica commented “Please join our VoiceAmerica Host April J. Ford and our Live Broadcast Team at the Main Stage on July 16th as we kickoff the 2016 Wonder Women Tech Conference.” Mr. Spenard continued, “We are proud to be the WWT’s broadcast partner, are excited to distribute this compelling content via our platform, and welcome the WWT’s speakers, partners, and attendees to the VoiceAmerica global audience.”

2016 Wonder Women Tech Corporate Partners include:

Google ~ Goldman Sachs ~ Facebook ~ AOL ~ NASA ~ Virgin Galactic Word Press
Twilio ~ VoiceAmerica ~ Brandify ~ Thoughtworks ~ 1 Creative

Executive and Event Producer at VoiceAmerica, Robert Ciolino added “We created our VoiceAmerica Women’s Channel in 2015 and believe strongly the in the value of thought leadership the Wonder Women Tech delivers to her peers”.

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